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"Friendship Stew" from Pam & Greta’s
Magical Music Express CD


"Familes All Over the World" - Burlingame Montessori


"Kitchen Jam" - CMN Conference


Jenny Singing - "Plant Love in My Heart"


Watch Miniapple Spring Program: Margaret Kiehne's class sing Pam's song, "Planting Seeds of Love."

Watch some preschoolers singing Pam's song, "Planting Seeds of Love" as a Mother's Day Song.

Planting Seeds of Love
New Century Montessori, Garland Texas

Reviews for Planting Seeds of Love

Dear Pam
Today I had my children's choir stand on the steps in front of the altar at church and sing Planting Seeds of Love at Mass.
We zipped in the words heart, home and church.
One 4th grader said, "Be my echo!" And sang the refrain.
The entire community (about 600 people) did so.
Big applause!!! Everyone loved it.

~Elizabeth Hannan, Choir Director
Our Lady of Angels Church, Burlingame CA

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The Children's Music Web Awards - 2004 Best Song for Younger Children