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"I am so pleased that you participated in this year's seminar. Your workshop was a huge success! The franchisees raved about the professionalism, energy, excitement and creativity that you conveyed in the workshop. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talent."
-- Carolyn Mark, Vice President, Program and Training, Gymboree Corp.
"Your workshop was one of the best I've ever attended. You had so many good ideas for brain development and movement and it was lively and fun!"
-- Janis Belson, Kindergarten Teacher, Ca. Kindergarten Assoc. Conference

Pam has presented workshops and seminars for teachers at conferences, at schools, and at County Offices of Education, for two decades.

Teacher workshops are available to be presented at your school or district office. Material will complement an integrated approach to your curriculum, and may be tailored to specific grade levels. Presenting curriculum musically helps children learn. Young children learn from rhythm and patterns. When we are musical we are using different parts of our brain. These workshops can help you bring music into your classroom for at least 5 minutes a day, in a fun, easy and comfortable way. Multiple intelligences and state framework addressed.

Choose from the following themes!

  • Singable Storytime Songs for Librarians
    This participatory workshop is for Story Time librarians and includes songs from Pam's recent Parents’ Choice Approved CD, "A Hop, Skip, and a Jump, Activity Songs for the Very Young". Of Pam's new CD, School Library Journal says: "Pam Donkin reminds us that play is child's work on her latest recording. Librarians will appreciate adding "Hello My Friends" Time to Say Goodbye", "Little Red Train," "Gotta Get the Beat," "It Rained All Day," "Five Woodpeckers," and other songs to story time. A great choice for libraries and day care facilities."

    Preschool Storytime Librarians
    Time length: 90 min
  • Music is Magic!
    Experience new ideas for integrating easy-to-learn music into science, language arts and math in this lively, interactive presentation. Learn successful strategies for bringing music into your preschool or kindergarten curriculum for at least 5 minutes every day. Includes songs, sign language, and simple adaptation activities promoting community, self-expression, and creative imagination. Handouts included. Frog and canary voices welcome.

    Preschool - 5th Grade
    Time length: 90 minutes to 2 hours
  • Music for a Multi-Cultural World
    Celebrate cultural diversity in song with simple, easy-to-learn, Japanese, Spanish, and Vietnamese lyrics, and folk songs from around the world. Gain confidence to introduce, teach and adapt songs that promote cultural diversity, acceptance of others, and honor the cultural heritages and abilities of your students. Simple scarf and shaker ideas add to the fun. Handouts included. Frog and canary voices welcome.

    Preschool - 5th Grade
    Time length: 90 minutes to 2 hours
  • A Hop, Skip, and a Jump (Activity Songs for the Very Young)
    Learn catchy new songs with active movements, that you can use in your classroom right away, in this fun and interactive presentation. Includes hello and goodbye songs, rhythm song, solar system song with simple dance steps & jingle bells, as well as use of scarves and simple adaptation activities to foster movement. Handouts included.

    Time length: 90 minutes

Notable Presentations

  • California Kindergarten Association Conference
  • Southern California Kindergarten Conference
  • 4 C's, Community Coordinated Child Care
  • California Reading Association
  • California Council for the Social Studies
  • CAEYC (California)
  • OAEYC (Oregon)
  • WAEYC (Washington)
  • Gymboree Corporation
  • Santa Clara County Office of Education

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